At The Kitchen Garden we prepare our carefully grown produce to the highest standards.


From greenhouse
to plate

Our gardener Matthias makes sure that our kitchen staff is continuously supplied with fresh and delicious veggies, fruits, herbs, and flowers from our own rooftop greenhouse at 225 ft. above the streets of Amsterdam. Our kitchen staff works their magic to turn this fresh produce into mouth-watering dishes.

This is our menu
This is our menu

Up to
41 degrees

41 is the sacred number in our kitchen because we do not prepare our food above this temperature, ensuring the perfect conditions for vitamin and flavour preservation of the ingredients. We do not cook our food, we use cold smoking, fermenting, drying and juicing to prepare our dishes. The result: a 5 course greens’ and chef’s menu comprised of pure dishes that are rich in flavour. We offer a drink menu to pair with each dish.

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Taking you

Naturally you will have a magnificent view from a restaurant at 255 ft. The greenhouse on top and Amsterdam at your feet makes this an outstanding experience that takes you higher. Let’s get this evening started!

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From Seed to harvest. Our most important feature.


Our true signature dishes consist of ingredients from the greenhouse - even the oil is home-grown.